Monday, May 24

Too Fat to Post

I have compiled a list of activities I would love to do and hope to accomplish this year. I am going to try to do all these before the end of the year (minus the traveling). What are some of the things you  have always felt too fat to do? Places you think you'd stand out too much at, or things you just felt uncomfortable trying.

I've been focusing on an activity that is taking a lot longer than I had hoped. Cartwheels! I am currently not an insured human being, so the logistics of breaking a finger, wrist, arm or face is frightening (That could be the lamest excuse). I made a video a few weeks ago asking for cartwheel advice. All the comments were unanimous, all I need to do is have the confidence and faith in flinging my body into circular motion and it'll work.  Well since that discovery, Portland has had nothing but rain. So as soon as I get to SF or get some sun here, I will film a daring cartwheel! Broken bones or not.

So, speaking of San Francisco! I am going to be visiting my lovely hometown for my birthday! (AHH!!!) I have several things on my agenda.

1. Enjoy time with my friends
2. Have an awesome birthday week
3. Check out the people at the No Lose conference in Oakland
4. Re-evaluate if SF is the place where I really belong
5. Hike around Marin Headlands
6. Take a Krav Maga class
7. Find a few more fun things to do
8. Eat some awesome Indian food

**There's a few posts coming soon -  Fat yoga and visiting the OBGYN.